Reflections and Shadows

Reflections…I am part of a group that has decided to take a photograph every day. We receive prompts to help inspire but many of the professionals in the group often go off prompt.

I am certainly not a professional…and I would hazard that I am not really even a hobbyist. But, I do want to take better pictures and capture my life and those in it. Perhaps I am trying to slow life down…yet, as we come to the end of January already, life seems to continue to speed up despite my desire to slow down.

In a few weeks, we enter the Lenten season (and I celebrate my 47th trip around the sun) and one thing I have chosen to give up will be social media…all of it. It will make my photography (Capture Your 365) challenge even more challenging but I intend on keeping up with my photos here on my blog (since I do not have followers or interact here yet, I do not consider this social media.)

I will also be continuing a 30 Day Cleanse with doTerra that I began yesterday. I have been using Isagenix to keep my weight healthy the last few years but need to mix things up a bit. I am excited to see how this 30 day experiment will go…but one thing is certain, I am also giving up wine during Lent. I will still taste the wines I pour at tastings, but not consume. That will be a HUGE challenge!!!!

Shadows…there have been a lot of challenges recently that we have faced. My husband has been traveling a lot for work, our son continues to mature into a young man which brings teenager angst with it, cost of living continues to increase, and my physical ailments have been worsening. But, wherever there is shadow means that there is light. We just need to find it.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” ~ John 1:5

Here is the photo I took yesterday for my challenge…Photographing Shadow.27164576_10215501458955148_4427840720948194272_o


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