Not Lost, but Roaming

I have been absent from this place for a few weeks.

But, I have been present in my daily life.

Our family has been to the mountains. I celebrated my 47th trip around the sun. I did some yoga. I cooked some meals. I took some pictures. I drank some wine.

I did not blog. I am off social media, so my pictures have been solely for me.

I did not save this post, so now I am re-writing it.

I took some classes, improving my bread and soup making skills. Our family has enjoyed some wonderful meals.

I have been blessed by those I serve, my tribe, and my family. I have watched my son continue to grow as a human being and a finish in the top 10 in his school spelling bee. Spelling does not come easy to me and I am thankful for spellcheck.

I have binged watched Stargate Atlantis with Tman.

I have begun to train with a sword in taekwondo.

Our family has spent family days seeing movies (Jumanji…excellent, Black Panther…good), bowling, and visiting favorite restaurants. My son continues to improve his social skills and manners thanks to Cotillion.

I have laughed. I have cried. I have grieved for a friend who left this world too soon. But, all in all, I have slowed my hectic life down.

I have been present. I have wandered far but have always returned home. To me, to my family, to my tribe.

Namaste and cheers,

The Wine Yogi

tree pose me


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