Cauliflower Cheesey “Grits”

I will have to make this again as I failed to even snap a photo!

I have discovered a wonderful way to recreate a family favorite without the evil corn my husband is allergic to.

Cauliflower cheesey grits. I came up with the idea after a mistake. I had intended on steaming cauliflower and then ricing it to make a version of mashed potatoes for a client who is watching carb intake. However, I was so into using my food processor to grate raw milk gouda, parmesan, grana padano…I just chucked the cauliflower in and processed away. I was left with raw, processed cauliflower.

I could have nuked it. I decided to sauté it…well darn, it was cooking like I wanted. So, I added chicken broth. Okay, I liked that but it still needed something and that is when I came upon the idea that it seemed a lot like grits…so, I added some of the gouda. And then more. And then, even more.

What was left was an amazing knock off of grits. I topped it with roasted chicken and broccoli and chicken gravy.

I will update this post once I make it again and this time…snap some photos. I can already imagine this with Creole shrimp and smoked gouda.

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