Ladies Chit Chat Club and Wine Yogi Podcasts

Did yall know I host a podcast? It can be found here.

My podcasts are a lot like me…fast talking, way too much info on wine, a little laid back yoga, and often full of random, shiny distractions. But, if that is your jam and you are looking for something to listen to when bored, please check it out.

I was also recently part of a panel discussion on a whole hosts of things relating to women, women in the work place, friendships with other women, with men…these podcasts have some humor (thank you wine), some serious discussion, and hopefully will leave you with things to think about.

If you are new to podcasts, think of them as your own personal radio station, where you can choose the topic, when and where you listen to them (or, if you have to pause it due to life and come back later), and discover new, incredible people out there doing their thing. It is a totally cool way to inform, educate, entertain, or even challenge your own world view in a very safe and personally dictated way (versus having someone else from a television or radio program producer choose for you the topics you listen to on the drive home or while cooking dinner or working out. Think of it as a playlist of talk or news shows instead of music! Although, some podcasts are about music, too.)

This platform is free but if you would like to support this amazing group of women and avoid commercials, you can always sign up as a premium member for the price of a foo-foo, yummy coffee.

Here are the current podcasts up over at the Ladies Chit Chat Club podcast show.

My current podcast is all about spring cleaning (without much cleaning.)

Thanks for listening! Namaste and Sláinte!


Ageism, Ghosting, and Reinventing Yourself

#Metoo Backlash, Being Friends with Guys, and Murder Tears

The Wine Yogi Spring Cleans


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