Losing Wine…How to Say Goodbye when Tragedy Strikes

My world suffered a significant loss this week…

After an amazing getaway to Ojo Caliente with my husband to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary, we returned home to an overheated house. And when I say overheated, I mean a HOT house. The furnace never turned off (that will be a fun gas bill!) while we were gone, resulting in a house (and wine) that reached upwards of over 100 degrees.

Now, at first, I was slightly worried about the baking the wines experienced…then I found them. Evidence of corks exploding out of bottles, wine left over on a wooden floor now warped due to spilled wine, and of course, wine seeping from the foils of over half of my collection.

Why didn’t I have it a wine fridge, you ask? Or perhaps in a wine cellar? Well, over half of it was in my basement and another cool room that rarely rise above 60 degrees. Our basement is unfinished (and while it is on our list to build a self contained, humidity and temp controlled cellar, that is down the list of home improvements we want to do) and even when it is warmer in the main house, the basement is always cool.

Just not this week.

This week, tragedy struck my wine collection. But, as I keep telling myself, not my life.

That is doing just fine. My husband and I spent an amazing three days reconnecting with each other, relaxing and healing in the amazing mineral waters, and slept the deep sleep of vacation. Our son continues to perform well in school and sports, and despite the minor irritations of teenage growing pains, seems to be a happy kid.

So, what’s a girl to do when her wine heart is breaking? Well, I have enjoyed some amazing wines since we came home. I threw my diet out the window and indulged in a little comfort food to soothe my aching heart. I attended an amazing sound healing yoga practice and let the tears flow (some of the wines I had had been irreplaceable.) Made plans for those wines not compromised to be part of my yoga school’s birthday party and Easter…and shared the compromised wines with friends who would drink them now and enjoy them.

I feel better. Lighter. I have a plan.

So, I poured myself some 2010 Cakebread Dancing Bear, began researching how to make wine vinegar, and started making plans for a new collection.

And wine cellar.

A few of the many victims…

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