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Daze of Gratitude

I am a few days behind in my 30 Day Gratitude Challenge because I have been making more of an effort to stay off my phone and computer to focus on family and self care. As I help my mom and son navigate through their grief, while working through my own stages of grief over the loss of my dad, some things naturally need to be set aside.

But as I sit here on an early Saturday morning in my mama’s house (which I am slowly unpacking and purging for her as well as embracing my elven heritage as I decorate for Christmas), enjoying a cup of coffee, and some Pioneer Woman on the tele, I have a moment to offer my last few moments of gratitude before I start my day.

On November the 12th, I joined my friend Mandy to discuss nicer wines for your holiday table. It also happened to be my parents 52nd anniversary. My mama married my daddy when she was only 17, so it was a hard day for her given this is the first time in her adult life she is without him. I am so grateful for fond family memories to help draw her away from her sadness over losing her best friend and life partner. One memory we shared on that day was when she tried some rum raisin ice cream at a favorite restaurant during a family meal before my son’s final Cotillion class…my daddy could not stop laughing at her expression and reaction when the rum part of the rum raisin kicked in on her pallet. She is not much of a drinker and that one bite pretty much got her drunk. It was a great evening, full of laughter, dancing, and family.

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. And while I don’t buy into the triskaidekaphobia (yep, that is a word) and actually like to play 13 on roulette, I know some folks do. Hope it was an uneventful day for you. We were sequestered in our home after finding out a classmate of my son’s was a “probable positive” for the Rona, but thankfully, tomorrow is 10 days removed from the original “contact” (I quote contact because my son actually has no contact with the student in question and sits across the room from her in class, so I doubt he picked up anything.)

But enough negative focus! I want to keep it positive and the 13th day of the challenge is focused on sharing a favorite family recipe. I have been thinking a lot about those kinds of things as I go through family photos, recalling memories of holidays past. If you would like to try a favorite family recipe, check this one out here.

Ant that brings us to today. Today is focused on, in my case, the four legged members of our family. I am so grateful that this year our family welcomed in a new puppers: Loki, the Dog of Mischief. He is a Miniature Schnauzer and the apple of his mama’s eye. He is great company and has provided us with entertainment, even in the midst of our grief. This little guy has really made himself an important part of our pack.

Well, that wraps up today’s blog post. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, full of joy and gratitude.



“Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” ~ A.A. Milne, from Winnie-the-Pooh

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