Taking a Break…Not What You Make Think

After a weekend of stadium and water park food, hubs and I needed a break. A break from the wine, cheese, breads, crackers...all of it. So, with the prompting of another friend needing a break, we decided on an impromptu cleanse day. It hasn't been too bad and I am already feeling better. My gut… Continue reading Taking a Break…Not What You Make Think

This Week’s Schedule and Thoughts on Podcasting

My schedule this week is already crazy! Between teaching, cooking, cleaning, prepping for school, and I also found out I didn't win the podcasting contest but will be podcasting Pitta dosha (fire...your classic Type A) hates losing, but I know I need to be humbled to remind myself to BE humble! I had never… Continue reading This Week’s Schedule and Thoughts on Podcasting

Cauliflower Cheesey “Grits”

I will have to make this again as I failed to even snap a photo! I have discovered a wonderful way to recreate a family favorite without the evil corn my husband is allergic to. Cauliflower cheesey grits. I came up with the idea after a mistake. I had intended on steaming cauliflower and then… Continue reading Cauliflower Cheesey “Grits”

Not Lost, but Roaming

I have been absent from this place for a few weeks. But, I have been present in my daily life. Our family has been to the mountains. I celebrated my 47th trip around the sun. I did some yoga. I cooked some meals. I took some pictures. I drank some wine. I did not blog.… Continue reading Not Lost, but Roaming