*UPDATE* Dry January and Whole 30…It’s a Healthy #ThirstyThursday!

*UPDATE* Here are some links to the #Whole30 friendly foods and specifically, the coconut aminos Mandy and I discussed. Siete Jalapeno Shrimp recipe: here. Whole 30 sauces and spices: here. Whole 30 ABC Chicken recipe: I used two cans of shredded chicken from Trader Joe’s, 1 bottle of Primal Buffalo Sauce, 1 container each of… Continue reading *UPDATE* Dry January and Whole 30…It’s a Healthy #ThirstyThursday!

Let’s Talk Bubbles!

As we venture into New Year’s Eve festivities, let’s take a moment and chat about different kinds of bubbles to help you ring in 2022. Chief among bubbles, most folks are familiar with Champagne, but perhaps don’t realize that Champagne only hails from Champagne, France. Made traditionally from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and/or Pinot Meunier. The… Continue reading Let’s Talk Bubbles!

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