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Thirsty Thursday with Mandy: Let’s Chat $20 Wines!

I recently celebrated my wedding anniversary with this guy: We have been hitched for 20 years now, through two wars, multiple deployments, lots of geographically separations, tears, laughter, good wine, bad wine, wine gone bad, winning Bronco seasons and losing ones...but he has always had my back and I could not have chosen a better… Continue reading Thirsty Thursday with Mandy: Let’s Chat $20 Wines!

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The Food

Rack of Lamb, Frenched On today's Thirst Thursday segment, we will be grilling up some lamb chops. I will be grilling on my Le Creuset grill pan because it's cold out there! I will top with The French Kitchen's Maître D' butter and serving them with TFK's Potato Daphinoise and sautéed spinach (by the way,… Continue reading The Food