What’s in my Glass?

So, we enjoyed this little funk of a jewel last night.

A very young Cab Sauv out of the Western Cape of South Africa, this Cab was pretty light in terms of color…in the bowl, it had a pale ruby color and was not quite opaque. Towards the rim, you picked up pale magenta notes.

In terms of nose, this was a eucalyptus bomb! Totally green, with hints of menthol at the very end. On the pallet, intense blackberry and subtle hints of green veg, such as celery. It was such a strange little wine and I imagine given a little more time to settle down (it was a 2017…that’s very young!), some of those odd notes would relax.

Still, a fun wine and one I hope to revisit soon!

Until then…Cheers and Namaste!